BONUS Episode Got a Haute Minute? Weekend Reads: In Grenzen Frei — Mode Fotografie Underground 1979–1989

Robert Zayd Paris

Roger Melis

Helga Paris

Michael Biedowicz

Harald Hausmann — CCD Show

Jürgen Hohmuth

Sibylle Bergemann

Tina Bara

Sven Marquardt


Tina Bara

Creative Collectives & Movements

Chic, Charmant und Dauerhaft / Chic, Charming/ Lasting

Haute Takes— Henryck Gericke & Michael Boehlke

Michael Boehlke highlights that many of the photographs and creative collaborations of these social groups addressed issues such as sexuality and vulnerability, motifs such as empty street canyons and gray houses portrayed with an otherworldly vibe. They explored themes relevant to their generation: the desire of the human body, color & play and performing a feeling of freedom.



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