Episode 3 — Fifties Fashion, GDR Style — PT 2

Drawing to demonstrate the possiblity of standartized women’s outerwear. Illustration: Christa Kirmse & Maria Landgraf Source: Fashioning Socialism, Stitziel
Sibylle store interior. Photo: Sibylle (1958, no. 5) Source: Fashion East, Bartlett.
“Kumpels, Kohlen, Kapriolen”. Sibylle 4/1958. Editorial with mannequins modeling VEB Bekleidungswerk Zwickau and acceossries fom the German Fashion Institute with coal miners. Photo Altendorf. Source: Fashioning Socialism, Stitziel
“Teenager — Naeher Besehen” Sibylle. 4/1960. Source: Sibylle Zeitschrift fuer Mode und Kulture 1956–1995
Dress Design Deutsches Modeinstitut (DMI)/German Fashion Institute. Sibylle, 3/1958 Source: Fashion East, Bartlett
Cover, Sibylle, August 1/ 1956. Source: photoscala
Introductory Poem, Sibylle 1/1956.
“Krakauer Baender gehen um die Welt” Sibylle 1/1956 Photo: Horst E. Shulze
“Krakauer Baender gehen um die Welt” Sibylle 1/1956 Photo: Pofahl, Wolynski
Source: Wikipedia




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East German Fashion History Blog

East German Fashion History Blog

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